Pete Talbot


Pete TalbotAs Chair Pete’s job is to try to keep the rest of the committee all moving in the same direction, a job that must feel like herding cats at times! Pete joined the club in September 2012 as a trainee and is currently a Dive Leader and an Assistant Diving Instructor. He was inspired to learn to dive by wanting to dive with his older son’s, Graham and Rich, after being ‘bullied’ for 2 or 3 years by former chair David Williams, who said ‘you’ll love it and you have a curious mind’.

Most memorable dive moment: His first dive at Ras Katy in the Red Sea, probably the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen (and he’s seen Machu Pichu rise out of the morning mist, lucky so-and-so!). He even planted a kiss on Hilary’s forehead at 15m to say thanks for letting him go on the trip.

Most embarrassing dive moment: Forgetting that salt water needs more weight than fresh and having to be pulled out and reweighted on his first sea dive from a RIB.

Favourite diving breakfast: Sausage sandwiches

When not diving Pete can often be found taking his younger son’s, Oscar and Henry to play football  with the Kenilworth Wardens football team.

You may not know that Pete is a very emotional guy who will often have a tear in his eye at happy or sad moments. The last time he cried was at Paddington Bear (the film) with his sons Oscar and Henry. He is also a ardent Royalist, and a member of Moisturised Men of England.



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