Mince pie diving in the time of Covid

Underwater Christmas tree

Like most diving arrangements this year our Annual Mince Pie Dive Day on December 18th hung in the balance until the preceding few days. However the Covid regulations in force on the day worked in our favour. Stoney was in Tier 3, we were in Tier 3, and we didn’t…

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Scilly—a dive trip without dives!

Organising a dive trip to the Isles of Scilly is always a challenging task, but even more so when you have to contend with a global pandemic! No worries, Team Stratford rose to the challenge, and spurred on by the drive of Andy Bacon we managed to find ways to…

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Lundy Trip August 2020

Following our delayed departure, by several months, there was much excitement to be returning to this little rock in the middle of the Bristol Channel. Armed with sense of humour, and the ability to change and do things differently, we finally got there, despite sitting on the M5 flyover in…

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Double celebration in Greece

Two long term club members both celebrated their 1500th dive within weeks of each other. This was totally coincidental as Sally does most of her diving in Britain whilst Hilary now does all her diving abroad, but they regularly chalk up around the same number of dives each year. They…

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Farne Islands 2020

Seven Stratford Divers had the most fantastic time diving around the Farne Islands this July. The accursed Covid situation had threatened to scupper the trip but thankfully we and the Dive Centre were able to manoeuvre safely through the restrictions and the trip went ahead successfully. The only downside was…

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Mince pie dive 2019

Christmas tree underwater

In the spirit of optimism and courage in adversity it behoves Stratford Dive Club to finish each year off with the Annual Mince Pie Dive—a day of diving and face stuffing in equal measure. This year, despite monsoon conditions we had the best turnout we have ever had for this…

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