Dive logs: howto

The club’s online dive log system is a great way of submitting your trip dive logs. It’s simple to use once you get the hang of it.

You can access the online dive log at https://divelog.stratforddivers.co.uk/. You will need to log in. To do this you use the same user name and password as you use for the members’ directory.

The basic process is:

  • Create the trip
  • Add people to the trip
  • Add dives to the trip
  • Add the dive details for each of the people to each of the dives they did
  • Mark the log complete

User guide

For more information on using the dive log system you can download a detailed user guide.

Test site

If you want to test out the system and practice by entering some dummy trip details, please use the test site at http://dev.divelog.stratforddivers.co.uk/.

Video guides

We have a couple of video guides to help you learn to use the system, one ideal for viewing on a desktop, the other better if you’re watching on a mobile

For desktops

For mobiles


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