Farne Islands 2020

Seven Stratford Divers had the most fantastic time diving around the Farne Islands this July. The accursed Covid situation had threatened to scupper the trip but thankfully we and the Dive Centre were able to manoeuvre safely through the restrictions and the trip went ahead successfully. The only downside was…

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Back to the pool

In the pool

Hooray! After a long lockdown absence we’ll finally be getting back to the pool this Thursday, August 6th. They’ll be a few differences though, and some new ways to get used to as we work out how to socially distance. Here’s what you need to know… The basics You should…

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Mince pie dive 2019

Christmas tree underwater

In the spirit of optimism and courage in adversity it behoves Stratford Dive Club to finish each year off with the Annual Mince Pie Dive—a day of diving and face stuffing in equal measure. This year, despite monsoon conditions we had the best turnout we have ever had for this…

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Dry Dive

This March, seven intrepid divers visited the Midlands Diving Chamber. The chamber is based in Rugby hospital and facilitates NHS funded recompression after diving related incidents as well as offering oxygen therapy for a number of ailments, sports related healing and informative dry dives. Intros out of the way, Robbie…

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