Farne Islands 2020

Seven Stratford Divers had the most fantastic time diving around the Farne Islands this July. The accursed Covid situation had threatened to scupper the trip but thankfully we and the Dive Centre were able to manoeuvre safely through the restrictions and the trip went ahead successfully. The only downside was…

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Mince pie dive 2019

Christmas tree underwater

In the spirit of optimism and courage in adversity it behoves Stratford Dive Club to finish each year off with the Annual Mince Pie Dive—a day of diving and face stuffing in equal measure. This year, despite monsoon conditions we had the best turnout we have ever had for this…

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Scilly, the hard way

Well actually, the hardboat way. Which some might say is the easy way. And I might even agree with them. The club’s traditional RIB trip to the Isles of Scilly isn’t the only way to dive this wonderful UK destination and Sophie and I decided we would explore the alternative—a…

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Red Sea, September 2017

Hillary, Miles, Richard, Stan, Peter, Graham, Russel, Jim, David, Sally, Geoff, Joules, Paul, Jon, Jeanie, Bondie, Brett and myself, all met outside the leisure centre to wait for a coach which unbeknown to us was to arrive 45 minutes late. But due to Hillary’s awesome planning skills we still made…

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Isles of Scilly 2017

The divers The annual trip to the Isles of Scilly in June included all the usual suspect with one or two new additions: Rich Wells, Stan Russell, Mark Jeffreys, Pete Virgo, Jon Arthur, Andy Bacon, Hilary Wilson, Miles Howarth, Chris Prichard, Clare Virgo, Geoff Russell, Pete Talbot and Adrian Taylor.…

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Weymouth 2017

Divers aboard the Tango

In mid September, nine Stratford Dive Club members enjoyed the delights of diving in Dorset from Tango, the big orange dive boat, based in Weymouth. I particularly wanted us to dive two iconic wrecks—the Aeolian Skye and the Elena R, because they are both BIG wrecks with wreckage that stands…

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