We are a very friendly Club, with some 65 or so members of all ages and both sexes, and with diving experience varying from beginners up to members who have been diving for over 40 years. Our members come from throughout Warwickshire and from the neighbouring counties of the south midlands. Being a club member means not only getting your scuba diving training free, but brings a whole range of other benefits too. Here are some of the things you can expect if you decide to join us.

Diving trips

Club trip to the Isles of Scilly

Club trip to the Isles of Scilly

We are a particularly active club, organising dive trips all round the UK Coast and abroad. The Club owns two RIBS (rigid inflatable boats) and a portable compressor, which give us the independence to explore alternative dive sites to those usually visited by charter boats, and also gives members experience in boat handling. Having said that, for some of our trips we do use charter boats which often come complete with toilet and dive lift—Luxury!!

Our UK trips are usually at weekends though there are some which last a week or so, including family trips to Hope Cove and Porthkerris. Places we dive include Lyme Regis, Plymouth, Portland, The Lizard in Cornwall, Pembroke, Isles of Scilly, Scapa Flow, and the Farne Islands. Our UK trips usually begin about the beginning of April and carry on right into October, depending on the weather. We usually camp or stay in B’n’B accommodation.

Many members organise Club trips abroad, both land based and on live aboard boats. Holidays have included the Red Sea, Thailand, Mexico, Oman, Indonesia, Florida Keys, Cuba, Maldives, and Gozo and can take place at any time of year. Day trips to inland dive sites, including Stoney Cove in Leicestershire and the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, are organised all year round, including during the winter for those in training or suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

Pool training

Pool training

Pool training

When not diving we meet up weekly at the pool at Stratford Leisure Centre where our Club has exclusive use of the pool on Thursday evening between 8:00pm and 9:00pm. Here members can continue their scuba training, or do stamina training or simply indulge in a relaxing swim. After pool traning we meet in the bar at Stratford Town Football Club on Knights Lane, Tiddington. Although Scuba diving cannot be considered a spectator sport, non diving family and friends are not excluded from our activities and are welcome to come along both in the UK and abroad. Indeed most members of our Club do not have a diving “other half” so do not let that stop you from joining us.

Club newsletter

The Club produces a quarterly newsletter called TFI to which all members are invited to submit articles and photos, both serious and amusing. These range from dive trip write-ups to informative articles on kit and safety. New members are invited to write a short profile of themselves which helps introduce them to the other members. Members who are organising dive trips write details in TFI so it is a good place to find out about upcoming trips. There is also a For Sale section, which is a great opportunity to pick up some second hand kit from a reliable source.

Other activities

We hold a range of other activities throughout the year. Our annual photography competition gives members an opportunity to show off their underwater photography skills and share their photos with everyone at the award evening each spring. We have a range of social events, including a summer BBQ at Stratford’s annual River Festival and a Christmas dinner dance, which are both popular with members and their families alike.

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