Alistair Manning

Equipment officer

Alastair joined the Club in October 2016, so is relatively new to diving with lots to learn. He is the equipment officer and his job is to look after the Club’s equipment, making sure it’s all in working order, ensuring it is serviced regularly and keeping track of who has…

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Angie Deaves

Recruitment officer

Angie is responsible for getting new members into the club. She’s been a member of the club since 2010, but diving has been a big part of her life for a lot longer—since the dinosaurs roamed, she claims. As well as being a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor…

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Chris Hastie

Membership secretary

Chris is responsible for looking after all the membership paperwork, making sure renewals are processed and keeping the members’ directory up to date. Chris has been diving since 2013 and joined the club in 2014. He is a Dive Leader and recently qualified as a theory instructor. He hopes to get his full…

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Ellen Noakes

Events officer

Ellen is responsible for making sure the Club’s calendar is well stocked with interesting and exciting social events. Compared to the rest of the committee Ellen is pretty new to diving, with only 4 years and less than 200 dives on the clock. A lover of all things squishy, yet…

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Hilary Wilson

Training Officer

As Training Officer Hilary is responsible for organising the Club’s training programme and ensuring divers have the opportunity to progress their diving. Hilary is a Dive Leader who has been diving since 1996, when she was taught by her partner Miles. He always says she was the worst student he…

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Sally Richards


Sally’s role as Secretary includes taking the minutes at Committee Meetings, handling Club correspondence and other administrative stuff. She is a Dive Leader and Assistant Diving Instructor and has been diving since 2001 when she first joined the Club. In 2015 she completed her 1000th dive. Most memorable dive moment:…

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Simon Steed


Simon joined the club in 2015 with his son Ben, and is now a Sports Diver. Simon acts as the custodian of the pennies for the club, looking at all aspects of the financial management and working with the other committee members in helping to safeguard the future. He plans…

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