Angie Deaves

Events officer

Angie is responsible for organising the Club’s social calendar. She’s been a member of the club since 2010, but diving has been a big part of her life for a lot longer—since the dinosaurs roamed, she claims. As well as being a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor she …

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Geoff Russell


Geoff is the man who counts the Club’s money and keeps all the finances in order. An Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor Geoff learned to dive with Stratford BSAC back in 1981 and has been with the Club ever since. He’s been an active member of the committee for most …

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Hilary Wilson

Training Officer

As Training Officer Hilary is responsible for organising the Club’s training programme and ensuring divers have the opportunity to progress their diving. Hilary is a Dive Leader who has been diving since 1996, when she was taught by her partner Miles. He always says she was the worst student he …

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Lynne Bunker

Recruitment officer

Lynne is responsible for recruiting new folk to the club and organising try dives for those wanting to find out if diving is for them. Lynne has been diving since 2014 and has thrown herself into the sport with great enthusiasm, already achieving her Dive Leader qualification, winning the Club’s …

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Miles Howarth

Diving officer

As Diving Officer Miles’s job is to look after the rest of us and ensure that we are all safe and sensible. He is an Advanced diver who took up diving in 1972 when he was but a lad, and has been a member of the Club since 2001.

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Paul Nash

Membership officer

Paul is responsible for looking after all the membership paperwork and making sure renewals are processed. He’s relatively new to diving but has thrown himself into the sport. Most memorable moment: Stepping of the back of a liveaboard in the Red Sea for the first time – something from his …

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Pete Talbot


As Chair Pete’s job is to try to keep the rest of the committee all moving in the same direction, a job that must feel like herding cats at times! Pete joined the club in September 2012 as a trainee and is currently a Dive Leader and an Assistant Diving …

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Peter Scarpellino

Equipment officer

Pete’s job is to look after the Club’s equipment, making sure it’s all in working order, ensuring it is serviced regularly and keeping track of who has got what. Pete is new to the committee and we’re still awaiting his profile…

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Sally Richards


Sally’s role as Secretary includes taking the minutes at Committee Meetings, handling Club correspondence and other administrative stuff. She is a Dive Leader and Assistant Diving Instructor and has been diving since 2001 when she first joined the Club. In 2015 she completed her 1000th dive. This year marks a …

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