Alastair Manning


As Chairman, Alastair’s role is to co-ordinate the management of the Club for the benefit of all its members. He is responsible for ensuring effective and productive meetings and making decisions in consultation with the other members of the committee. Alastair joined the Club in October 2016 and is a…

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Chris Hastie

Training officer

Chris is responsible for organising the club’s training programme and ensuring that members have the opportunities they want to develop their diving. He works closely with the Diving Officer to ensure that training in the club is of the highest quality. Chris has been diving since 2013 and joined the…

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Natalie Gisbourne-Hanks

Membership secretary

As membership secretary, Natalie’s role includes keeping the membership records up to date, ensuring payments are completed, meeting and greeting new and old members, working with the committee to develop the club and work for all who are in the club. Natalie is relatively new to the club, joining in…

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Simon Steed


Simon’s role as Secretary includes taking the minutes at Committee Meetings, handling Club correspondence and other administrative stuff. Simon joined the club in 2015 with his son Ben, and is now a Dive Leader. He recently qualified as an Open Water Instructor. Most memorable dive: There are 2 that stand…

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Simon Watkins


Simon is the Treasurer, responsible for anything and everything to do with the club’s money and finances. He joined the club in 2017 and is now a Sports Diver and Assistant Diving Instructor, working towards Dive Leader. Most memorable dive moment: Easy to say something exotic, but I still love seeing…

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