Membership of Stratford-upon-Avon Sub Aqua Club costs £120 per year.

In addition, you will need to join the national British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). This brings additional benefits, including a subscription to BSAC’s monthly magazine, SCUBA, £10m third party liability insurance and access to discounts on equipment and trips. The annual costs are shown below.

BSAC Membership type BSAC cost Including local levy
Full diving membership £62.50 £182.50
Joint member (same household as a full member) £43.50 £163.50
Student member (in full time education) £33.00 £153.00

Equipment hire

Trainees can hire a set of basic equipment (BCD, cylinder, regulator set, weight belt and weight) for £60.00 for the first five months. Hopefully by then you will have qualified, been bitten by the bug and bought your own kit, but if you do need to keep the hire kit for longer than 5 months the prices can be found here.

Training material

As a member all your club based training is free, but there is a small charge for the training manuals and qualification book that you will need whilst undertaking training. The training pack for your first BSAC diver grade will cost £47.00. Packs for each subsequent diver grade are £37.00.

If you are already a diver we can advise you which materials you will need to purchase.

Try dive

If you want to have a try dive before deciding whether or not join this costs just £25.00.

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