50m dive, no water

A group of club members headed over to Rugby this week to visit the Midlands Diving Chamber. Here we were treated to a tour of the chamber and a presentation about the work they do, both treating divers and providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a range of otherwise difficult to treat conditions. The highlight of the trip, though, was a ‘dry dive’ to 50m in the chamber. Here are some photos…

All in all the dry dive was a lot fun and very informative. As well as giving us an opportunity to experience nitrogen narcosis in a safe and controlled environment we saw some great demonstrations of the effects of pressure. There’s nothing quite like an exploding balloon to remind you of why it’s so important not to hold your breath during an ascent! And the effect that 6bar has on a piece of 5mm neoprene is extraordinary.

A big thanks to Andy, Robbie and Spike from the Midlands Diving Chamber for a fun and educational evening. Photos courtesy of Spike.

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  1. A really informative and fun evening!

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