Mince pie dives, Christmas 2016

On the dark, dank Monday morning before Christmas, 4 Stratford Club members, Jamie, Peter T, Paul N and I (Sally) braved the murky depths of Stoney Cove on the Annual Festive Dip. It was actually warmer underwater (8°C) than on land (6°C) so we weren’t as intrepid as you might think. However, between and after diving we were grateful for the Christmas Comestibles which we and our supporters—Peter S, Dan R, Annie and Les had brought, though of course we divers saved the alcoholic contributions until after the second dive!

Warming up with hot chocolateThe viz wasn’t too bad and over the course of the 2 dives we took in several objets d’art, including the helicopter, Stanegarth, bus, Defiant, Belinda, APC and the “not as elusive as it used to be” Tornado ejector seat! It was a surprise to see the underwater Christmas tree, complete with baubles and working lights—yes, working lights—as we finned back to the pier. This had been erected by Leicester SA Scout Group and could also be seen through the water from the terrace outside Nemo’s.

Diving done, we repaired to the fireside inside Nemo’s for liquid refreshment.

The photo, which Annie took, is of us keeping warm after our first dive with Peter Scarpellino’s excellent hot chocolate. Reluctantly, we saved his Armagnac until later on.

Thanks to all divers and supporters who took part. A great end to our diving for 2016.

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