Lundy May 2021

After lockdown ended, nothing short of Armageddon would have stopped Angie and the Lundy 2021 group from getting to Devon. In the end, the weather felt pretty close to that! Angie, Thaedra, Alastair, Jamie, Nic, John, Andy, Chris, Simon and Denise all made it despite the dire weather warnings. Nic and Jon even managed to sneak in a shore dive on the way down….impressive dedication to the sport.


We could not dive on the Friday of the trip but we had a very nice meal in Ilfracombe and a good time anyway. On Saturday we did manage to get to Lundy. The crossing from Ilfracombe was interesting with numerous shades of green displayed amongst the divers, but once we were in the shelter if Lundy we got two dives in, on on Knoll pins and the second with the seals. Viz was a little limiting, but the seals were there and a few of us got that familiar tug on the fins letting us know that we were not alone in the water.


Unfortunately Sunday was not a good day for diving, with high winds and rain, but nobody minded. It was great to be back out in the water, near the water…anywhere but home after so long locked in.


Thanks to Angie for organising the trip and we look forward to more in the future.

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