June 2022 – A Very Busy Month

For any club, in any field, it is vital to keep new members coming through and developing their skills and ultimately, to fall in love with diving, exploring and observing the underwater world. I have to thank all members for the part they play in keeping this club alive and kicking. June saw seven new members sign up for our latest Ocean Divers course. You are all very welcome.

We also had two new Ocean Divers complete their course as well as four Sports Divers and our first ever Advanced Ocean Diver. We also saw two members complete the BSAC Twin Set Diver Course.

This is remarkable for a small club and huge thanks and recognition should go to Chris as training officer, Angie as DO and all our instructors who made this happen by giving up their free time to help our students progress. Thanks also go to our existing members who continue to be patient while we occupy huge swaths of the pool on a Thursday night to train.

Finally a quick thanks to the other members of the committee who are involved in the efforts to keep this level of activity up. Natalie on membership and Holly on recruitment deserve a shout out…one a extra loud shout out to Jay for being in that equipment cupboard and making sure that students and members alike have all the gear they need.

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