Paul Nash

Recruitment officer

Paul is responsible for recruiting new members to the club and welcoming them to wonderful world of diving.

paul-nash-2Most memorable moment: Stepping of the back of a liveaboard in the Red Sea for the first time – something from his dreams that he never expected to do!

Most embarrassing moment: Trying to stand up after putting on his kit on the Tango dive boat only to find he couldn’t move because he had forgotten to un-strap my cylinder from the bench it was secured to!

Favourite pre-dive breakfast: Bacon, egg, black pudding and scallops (brought home from Lyme Regis).

After a dive: Paul likes a black coffee and a tipple of Captain Morgan’s dark rum (usually with Sally!)

When not diving: Paul is often found playing golf, walking the dog, reading to his grand-daughter and enjoying a pint (or two) with friends.

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