Chris Hastie

Diving Officer

As Diving Officer, Chris is responsible for ensuring that the club is a safe and fun place to dive. He takes an overview of all the diving and training being done by members and works to ensure that it is safe and following the latest guidelines from BSAC. Chris has been diving since 2013 and joined the club in 2014. He is a Dive Leader and an Open Water Instructor.

Most memorable dive moment: It’s so hard to pick one, but perhaps being surrounded by Jenkins stingrays on a dive in the Maldives.

Most embarrassing dive moment: Check your boxes before we leave says the dive guide. I check. No problem. The boat casts off and I realise my boots are still hanging up in the dive centre.

Favourite dive breakfast: same as any day—muesli with Greek yoghurt and honey

After a dive: definitely beer

When not diving: Chris is an occasional cyclist, and has a passion for making computers do what he wants them to do. He also makes excellent marmalade.

You may not know: Chris is the proud owner of a 16 foot tipi.

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